Laura is an Italian born singer raised in Sweden. She started her career in the soul and R&B genre, but with her very own and original way of singing. A strong, epic and very powerful voice, warm and recognisable. She is able to colour every song with details that make her interpretations special and distinctive by her unique voice.

The wide vocal range makes her voice perfect for several musical genres, going over from warm alto to powerful mezzo soprano and soprano singing.
She took part in two Italian TV contests winning them both.

Over the years, her enthusiasm and the power of her voice took her to work with the principal Italian international-oriented dance labels like: Time Records, Dig It international, Flying Records, UMM and more. Also, the famous DJ Alex Gaudino made a remix of a song called “Emergency” produced by Al Barbero’s Rockhattle Music Studio and Flying Records.
After years of dance collaborations, she started to perform live around Northern Italy and abroad with UKD Project, which produced 2 albums “Beyond Two Worlds” and “The Moon and the Water”. As the genre changed, she oriented her vocal approach to a totally different way of singing. The adaptability to pass from one genre to another is one of her greatest strengths.


In 2016 she met Clive Nolan, an internationally acclaimed British progressive rock musician and the author of numerous rock operas and musicals. This has quickly turned out to be the dream she had been waiting for, and the two began the collaboration leading up to the recording of their first rock album together: “From the Outside In”.

Laura took part in Clive’s “Beyond the Veil” festival in the UK in 2017, where she performed live a duet “Don’t Forget to Breath” together with the singer of the prog-rock band Arena, Paul Manzi.

In 2019 Laura was asked to take part in Clive’s next musical Alchemy 3The Mortal Light in the role of the Viking demigod Makaria. The musical has been officially accomplished in July 2021 and will be revealed in 2022 (CD & live presentation).

In the same year the French musician and producer Eric Bouillette Perso has build the project “Imaginaerium” to record a concept album “Rise of Medici”. This project was inspired by Laura’s rock voice and the epic story of the influential Italian Dynasty of the Medici Family.
In 2021 Laura starts also to work with the Italian multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Jerry Cutillo and his band OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) as guest vocalist on his forthcoming album “Tesla”.

And the journey continues….



  • 2022 “The Mortal Light” ( Alchemy 3) Rock Musical by Clive Nolan
  • 2022 OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) – “Tesla”
  • 2022 Imaginaerium “ The Rise of Medici” (Anesthetize Productions)
  • 2019 Laura Piazzai “From the Outside In” Laura Piazzai sings the music of Clive Nolan (Verglas Music)


  • 2009 “The Moon and the Water” UKD Project (Rockhattle Music)
  • 2007 “Beyond Two Worlds” UKD Project (Rockhattle Music)
  • From 1996 to 2006 various productions with Green Eyes Project.


  • 1990 Cap & Family feat. Lory L “Get You somehow” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Discomagic)
  • 1994 Etoile “I want your love” Mixed by SACCHETTO and TRIVELLATO Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Time Records)
  • 1994 U.K.D. “Everybody” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Dig It International)
  • 1995 Sarah Jones aka Laura Piazzai – Respect (UMD Records)
  • 1995 Satellite “Land of promise” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Dig It International)
  • 1995 Sarah Jones aka Laura Piazzai “Respect” (Dig It International)
  • 1995 MBS Presents: The Strings “Don’t You want my love” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (UMM Underground Music Movement)
  • 1995 Moving Faders “You can dance” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Dig It International)
  • 1995 Body Of Evidence “Aladdin” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Dig It International)
  • 1995 MT Productions “Emergency” (UMM Underground Music Movement) Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai – Mixed by ALEX GAUDINO Flying Records
  • 1996 Indian House “Comanchero 1996” Lory L. aka Laura Piazzai (Dig It International)

2019 Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai “From the Outside In”
Laura Piazzai sings the music of Clive Nolan

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