A strong, epic and very powerful voice, warm and recognisable. Able to colour every song with details that make her interpretations special and distinctive by her unique voice.
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Parkvilla Theater Friday January 26 2024

We are delighted to announce the event on Friday January 26, at Parkvilla Theater in Alphen aan den Rijnfor (NL) for a unique concert with the first live presentation of the rock opera ‘The Rise of Medici‘ and a mix of Clive Nolan compositions.

Voices by Laura Piazzai (Contessina), Andy Sears (Cosimo), Marijke Groenendaal (Lucrezia), Clive Nolan (Rinaldo) and the guitarist Simone Milliava. Serious Music Alphen and Parkvilla are proud to be able to bring the exclusive live premiere of this rock opera in collaboration with Arne van Os van den Abeelen (Mr Bowler Music Agency) and Anne Claire Rallo (Bad Dog Promotions).

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The Rise of Medici

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The Rise of Medici


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The album by Clive Nolan
with the powerful rock vocals of Laura Piazzai!

Featuring songs by Clive reinterpreted by Laura!

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