New Album Release

13 fantastic songs written by Clive Nolan and performed by Laura Piazzai. An hour of powerful music and strong emotions!
The album consists of the remakes of Clive’s old pieces, fresh and exciting new versions. And... there are brand new songs too!

01. Beauty and the Beast
02. Shadows
03. From Ignorance to Ecstasy
04. Walk on Water
05. Book of Thoughts
06. Sacrifice
07. Sensing a Presence
08. (I can see your) House from Here
09. Murder
10. From the Outside in
11. Closer
12. Whole Again
13. Horizons in Your Eyes

Per l'Italia (only for Italy)

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About Laura

Laura is an Italian born singer raised in Sweden. She started her career in the soul and R&B genre, as can be heard by the strong inluences of singers like Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncè, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or Cher, but with her very own and original way of singing. A strong and very powerful voice, warm and recognizable, is able to colour every song with details that make her interpretations special and unique.



A new album by Clive Nolan
with the powerful rock vocals of Laura Piazzai!

Featuring old songs by Clive reinterpreted by Laura,
as well as brand new material!

Per l'Italia (only for Italy)

For other countries please order at:

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