A strong, epic and very powerful voice, warm and recognisable. Able to colour every song with details that make her interpretations special and distinctive by her unique voice.
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Projects & Live Bands

No Limits

No Limits – Live Band

the mortal light

Clive Nolan – Musical

The Rise of Medici


New OAK’s project

The Album Out Now


The album by Clive Nolan
with the powerful rock vocals of Laura Piazzai!

Featuring old songs by Clive reinterpreted by Laura,
as well as brand new material!


Associazione Veruno Musica
Prog Rockpolis
Prog Rockpolis
Prog Rockpolis
Prog Rockpolis
GPI ProgSky


The Rise of Medici

Im proud to be part of this incredible project and I can’t wait to record my vocals for the album. The album features some of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici. Their lives were far more intricate and complex than this album can possibly put across, so we simply offer a small part of their dramatic place in history.